OXY 3 Speed Cup

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OXY 3 Speed Cup

Message par Rich Knapp » 16 juin 2015, 23:15

I know it's a ways but just to keep you all in the know.

OXY SPEED CUP (format first draft)


Not the final post things may change.
( Camping on site )

OXY 3 Speed Cup
Top speed, Top average speed in each class. Event over all Top speed and best average.
Doppler Radar runs with back up speed calculating.
4 Classes:
· * 4 legal passes or 4 min what ever comes first.
· * Pass Pre-flight inspection
· Must be pre-registered at least a hour before runs begin to compete.
· 3 top in each class can request a 4 pass best run shoot out.
· Top speed in each class will have a 4 pass best run shoot out if they like.
· After 4th pass is done you must land. (So we keep things moving along smooth)
· If you are next in line you must be ready. (To keep things running smooth)
· If you want your runs speed reviewed you must ask before next class starts flying. There will be a short brake and plenty of time for you to put in a request for a legitimate reason, not just to hope you may get a better time. We are not setting any world records here or competing for money.

There will be non comp times to fly threw out the event.
There will be times for fun runs and courtesy radar runs for the people just cereuses.

Spectator rules and pilots not flying will have AMA and club rules enforced for safety reasons.

Spectator- free.
$5.00 to open flying. (AMA card required)
$1.00 for open style radar runs. - 4 passes or 4 min's what ever come first.
$2.00 for comp radar runs. - 4 passes or 4 min's what ever come first.

* Legal Pass
Flat run threw coarse length.
More than 10 feet off ground.
Remain between center of runway and pylons.
No more than ____ above top of pylons. (blank will be updated)

* Pre Flight inspection

A judge will inspect your competition bird before any comp flight sessions for any:
1. Loose bolts or gear.
2. No over charged lipo's and must be in good shape.
3. Canopy and proper fit. (must run a canopy to help contain any in flight braking parts)
4. Main and tail blade conditions.

Morning speed practice.
Followed by open flights.
Afternoon Speed Runs.
Open flights
Night flights

Open flying
Winners and comp speeds announced
Open flying

Image Team Lynx & OXY HELI Manager


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